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The most personal approach is to simply contact us at with any questions you might have. Each and every reservation is important to us and we are always happy to discuss any aspect of your proposed booking.  You can also start this process via our enquiry form, or our  Contact us page.  Alternatively, check availability. If you are happy with the details you find you can simply book directly online. We again follow up by email and can answer any of your questions.
A number of guests - especially those new to the Staffler also book via one of the many OTA's (Online Travel Agents) we work with. Prices are the same across all booking platforms. OTA bookings require payment in full at the time of booking while direct bookings by email or on our Reservations page are secured with a 30% deposit per person - adult or child with balances payable ten weeks before departure.
Your Credit and Debit card details are guaranteed secure. All payment information is held under the terms our Privacy Policy and the security umbrella of Six Payments Services. No. PCI-DSS SAQ
All Staffler bookings are organised by AMS (Absolute Manpower Services) who are our contracted seasonal staff and hotel rooms booking agents.
Our 21st season starts on Thursday 10th December until Friday 9th April 2021
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